Photos and live review: Thomas Borgmann, Jan Roder, Willi Kellers at Dieselstrasse

In long, often flowing pieces, Thomas Borgmann, Willi Kellers and Jan Roder create music that moves back and forth between lyrically peaceful and ecstatic phases, between spacious and dense playing.

Keys & Screws is the interlocking of Thomas Borgmann & Willi Kellers with the bassist Jan Roder, whereby a wide variety of suggestions, which they take primarily from the history of jazz, creates music full of surprising changes and enormous diversity.

The three musicians do not celebrate high-energy power jazz, but rather free-flowing music, “a wonderfully balanced balance of density and transparency.” Their music “combines lightness with depth, makes references to jazz history, and is of timeless beauty.” And one last quote: “Free jazz can be as weightlessly light, extremely lyrical and simply beautiful as this trio presents it here!” With “Keys and Screws” you can wonderfully experience and enjoy how music is created. As relaxed as the band acts, the guest experiences absolute real-time music, which once again confirms Nietzsche’s quote that a life without music would be a mistake.

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