Photos & Scene: La Ratte, a rapidly rising star in our blues & roots firmament and a band: Video

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This young, energetic three-man formation consists of singer/guitarist Harm van Essen (also guitarist with the Thomas Toussaint Band), drummer Jochem Jorrisen and bassist Nikolas Karolewicz (former The Bluesanovas) finally managed to get a place on our cozy stage.

Once started as a duo, La Ratte took its final form as a trio in 2021. The album ‘Astray’ was released at the beginning of 2023, received excellent reviews and the band toured extensively throughout the country, also with great success.

La Ratte // I want you // Live @ Café Bosch - YouTube

The strength of this trio lies in the raw vocals and fiery guitar playing of Harm, the explosive drumming of Jochem and the solid, old school bass groove of Nikolas. As soon as the men start playing, a special energy is released that is extremely contagious.

La Ratte is inspired by the energy of Texas Blues, the groove of Mississippi Hill Country Blues and steamy Louisiana Swamp blues. Their style has been called “hypnotic swampy roots blues”, “vintage” and “rock n roll”… and yes, it’s all right! And above all, it is a refreshing and contemporary sound!

La Ratte

In a packed Mystical Theater, the men put on a very dirty, energetic show in two catchy sets, full of exciting and extremely danceable music, music that is deeply rooted in American roots music.

Lars Bekkenkamp has the honor of providing the support act and does so with verve! During the first set of La Ratte, Lars is asked on stage again to play a song on his Weissenborn guitar.

La Ratte

At the end of the second set, Harm’s former teacher Raymond Nijenhuis picks up Harm’s Silvertone Espanada and plays some great songs in his own (and wonderful) way. The men managed to keep the dance floor full all afternoon and the lovely sultry atmosphere was nothing short of fantastic!

Lars Bekkenkampt - La Ratte

La Ratte, a rapidly rising star in our blues & roots firmament and a band that will also do great in the broader pop circuit!

Enjoy it below or along with an excellent, complete recording of the concert, made by Paul van Druten.

La Ratte

La Ratte

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