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The duo’s concert in Milan, Monday 3 June, at the Sala Esedra of the Scala Theater Museum.

On Monday 3 June at 6.00 pm, in the Sala Esedra of the Scala Theater Museum in Milan, a meeting will be held with Corrado Rojac, concert performer, composer, holder of the accordion chair at the Giuseppe Tartini Conservatory of Trieste and the soprano Stelia Doz, historical teacher of vocal chamber music at the Milan Conservatory.

For the occasion, the duo will perform the romances contained in a double album published by Limen Music taken from Giuseppe Greggiati’s arias.

Stelia Doz - Corrado Rojac

Born in Ostiglia (MN) in March 1793, Giuseppe Greggiati was a religious man passionate about music. Organist first in Quistello and then in Ostiglia, he seems to have also been dedicated to the study of the violin and the cello, given the mass of stringed instruments found in his residence after his death.

And, among the priest’s many legacies, the manual, kept in the Ostiglia library, must certainly be mentioned, with the sketches of an “accordion”, or rather, of a bellows harmonica rebuilt by Corrado Rojac himself, completely faithful to the ‘original.

The same musician from Trieste also transcribed the many manuscripts with Greggiati’s arias, fascinating romances that reflect the world of the accordion in the first half of the nineteenth century in the Mantuan musical environment, that world which saw the bourgeoisie become passionate about music, cultivating it in their free time, both with instruments such as piano or violin, and with the accordion.

The lyrics of the romances are by Metastasio, Jacopo Vittorelli, Felice Romani and other well-known poets set to music by the most famous composers of the time.

Corrado Rojac e la fisarmonica di Giuseppe Greggiati

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